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What Clients Are Saying

At Masterchek Inc., we pride ourselves on our excellent service and ability to deliver superior results. If you’d like to get an idea of the experiences past clients have had with our investigation services, we invite you to peruse their reviews below. We hope that you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of working with us firsthand and that these reviews will give you a better idea of the kind of work our investigative firm does.

"Masterchek has been a vital partner when handling the investigative process for our OJI program. Our 12-year relationship with Masterchek has been one of professionalism and responsiveness. Masterchek has handled our massive caseload effortlessly and provides timely detailed information which has been beneficial in lowering our claim costs."

Jackie-OJI Coordinator

"Since 2015, Masterchek Inc. has provided exceptional investigative services for our worker’s compensation program to assist us with reducing claims costs. Prior to a deposition, Masterchek Inc. provided us physical surveillance on a former injured employee that was claiming permanent total disability (PTD) and future medicals. Masterchek Inc. provided video evidence of the former employee which reduced the claim by $200,000. This investigative outcome would not have occurred if it was not for Masterchek Inc."

Rodney-State Controller

"Over the past 7 years, we have worked with Masterchek on investigating our claims. Vincent and the Masterchek team are experts in their field. We partner with them on large State Government Workers Comp Programs which we also manage. Masterchek goes above and beyond to get results and do just "churn" files like many of the other companies. I highly recommend Masterchek for your investigative needs."

Jason-Senior Vice President

"I became aware of Masterchek, through a recommendation of a claims manager of a large national company. Not only was the recommendation unwavering and glowing, for someone in my position there can be no higher recommendation than that of someone whose job performance depends on that of investigations. Since being introduced to Masterchek, I have recommended them to my clients and have been pleased with the results, professionalism, and response."

Chad-Law Partner

"I have been acquainted with Masterchek since 2010, as they have provided investigative services for my law firm.  Masterchek has been a valuable asset in servicing our investigative needs in multiple practice areas including both criminal and civil litigation matters.The staff at Masterchek is very knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. They have utilized creative and unique approaches in working on difficult cases that have been vital to our firm’s success. They are easy to work with, think creatively, and effectively communicate ideas and strategies and thus has my highest endorsement"

Sincere-Law Partner

"I hired Masterchek, Inc. to perform surveillance in a contested matter in Tennessee. They provided thorough reports and excellent camera work even though the subject lived in a remote area, making his job extremely difficult. He was helpful with information as to weather and events in the area in order to schedule the surveillance for the best possible time and for the highest chance of success. He reaches out regularly with recommendations and to see what needs to be done throughout the process. I have been a litigator for almost 14 years and this company is one of the best I have ever had the privilege of working with. I highly recommend this company and Mr. Demps."


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