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We Do it All...From Background Checks to Surveillance to Investigations to Cybersecurity...Your One-Stop Shop!!

With our investigative resources, we’ve gained the reputation for being the best Private Investigation Firm for any investigation job. From undercover investigations to background checks, we provide a whole array of services designed to help you find the answers you seek. As a responsible firm, we provide timely and accurate results for all our clients. A combination of skilled experts and the latest technology is the reason Masterchek Inc. is able to guarantee the best possible outcome for each case it takes on.

Job Interview

Background Checks

Background checks are useful in helping your management team make informed decisions during the hiring process. Masterchek can provide you and your team with employment and background screening services. Employers and landlords use our reports to screen potential new hires or tenants. Masterchek has the flexibility to create a background check program that fits your team's budget and includes only the information you need. These services can be included with our drug screening program as well. Contact us today regarding the different tier packages. Our all-inclusive background checks include but not limited to the following information:



Social Security Trace

Address Verification

Enhanced National Criminal Database Search (validated with county criminal records checks)

Arrest Record/Incarcerations

County Criminal Record Search

Civil County Search/Federal/Civil Search

National Sex Offender Database Search

Federal Criminal Record Search

Employment Verification

Statewide Criminal ConvictionSearch (Only in States where county searched are not available)

Office of Inspector General (OIG) Search

Professional License Verification

Education Verification

Database Search

Motor Vehicle Records


Computer Sketch

Cybersecurity and Network Monitoring

Cyber defense and cyber security have become personal and business issues rather than simply technology concerns. Our daily news cycles are dominated by major headlines regarding cybersecurity. Understanding the importance of establishing a good sound security network is crucial in today's society. Let Masterchek assist you with drafting sound policies for your employees, establishing an incident response plan and disaster policy in the event of a work stoppage due to a crisis. Also, we have the ability to provide you with the tools to monitor your network system 24/7 for potential red flags within your network with our NetChekservices. Cyberdefense focuses on sending, detecting, orienting, and engaging threats in order to assure successful risk management practices. This shift from security to defense requires a strong emphasis on intelligence, surveillance reconnaissance, communication, and planning.

What Is NetChek?

NetChek offers your company the opportunity to have a cyber partner to work with you to protect against the daily threats of malware, corporate espionage, employee sabotage, etc. We help you provide IT Consulting, EDR services and assist with drafting your Incident Response and Business Disaster Plans. In addition, we can offer you a team to monitor the activity on your network to assess, detect and eliminate threats. We have a young team eager to continue to learn the constant new changes with today's threats to our technology. Since opening our doors, we’re proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of returning and new clients.


Want to experience our expertise for yourself?

Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

"If you have not already established a cybersecurity company to monitor activity, there is a strong likelihood you are going to be breached. The best defense is a good offense. Start thinking about cybersecurity as early as possible"

Science Lab

Drug Screening

In addition to our drug screening services below we now have the ability to perform on-the-spot breathalyzer testing for your employees as well as drivers. The drug screening process is very simple as we will provide the employee with a form and they can travel to the nearest testing facility. We will in turn bill you at a later date and provide you with the results.

Urine Drug Testing  (5 Panel and 10 Panel)

Urine drug tests detect the presence or absence of drug metabolites in a urine sample. Metabolites are drug residues that remain in the body for some time after the effects of a drug have worn off, meaning a person was not necessarily under the influence of drugs at the time of the urine test. Urine tests detect and measure particular drug usage within the days prior. Urine samples are the most common method of drug testing for many reasons—Urinetests are painless, noninvasive, and have a far longer detection period for most substances and drugs in comparison to blood testing. This form of testing allows for flexibility in choosing which substances to screen for. 

DOT-Regulated Drug Testing

We offer DOT-regulated drug testing. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is under federal regulation and requires all employees who perform specific jobs or work in certain industries to be tested for drug use. The DOT requires that all drug testing is completed using the "split-sample" method, in which the initial sample is split in two—one to be tested now, and one to be tested later if the first sample returns as positive(so that a confirmation test can be performed). We also provide medical review officers (MROs) to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the DOT drug testing process.


Hair Drug Testing

Future candidates and potential hires are most commonly drug-screened via a hair sample. Most drugs and illegal substances are detectable in a hair sample for up to 90 days, making hair drug testing a reliable way to reveal long-term or repetitive drug or substance use. Hair samples are a painless drug testing method, as a small hair sample of approximately 100-120 strands is cut from the crown—no hair is pulled and no hair follicles are tested—meaning only hair that has grown above the scalp is tested



Dental Tools in Pocket

Medical and Pharmacy Canvasses

Our team of full-time desktop researchers are trained and proficient in performing various types of searches to include hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to uncover information pertaining to previous claims or preexisting injuries. Additionally, we perform canvasses revealing information on a claimant’s lifestyle to include gym/health clubs, sports leagues

Digital social media

Social Media Searches and Monitoring 

With the popularity of social media sites, it has been become necessary to see what your current employees, new hires, and loved ones are doing on the various social media outlets. Planning, Preparation, and Execution are the steps to success. 


More than, 75% of the world is on the world wide web regardless of age. People are sharing information, searching for information, sharing their opinions and plans. In some situations, this can be a threat to your business. We can't be everywhere at all times but we can help you rest easy by providing social media monitoring of accounts that may be harmful to your business. Masterchek tracks the activity that could be a potential risk to your organization and keep you informed so that you can protect your brand and your reputation, by identifying potential risks

·     Insider Trading by Employees,  Attempts to Disrupt Your Business 

·     Physical threats to your Employees, Executives, and Customers, Planned Protests

·     Theft of intellectual or physical property, Disparagement of your Image, Brands, Social Profiles, Etc.


Surveillance (Manned and Unmanned) and Undercover Investigations


Let us assist with your criminal, auto, and death investigations in locating evidence to determine whether an actual crime has taken place. We can assist with searches, interviews, evidence collection as well as DRONE observation.



There is nothing more unsettling than not knowing about a potential witness that the other side is calling or a juror that is on your panel. We can assist with finding out if the person is biased in any way.



Many times we need to know what individuals are doing without them observing our actions. Let us assist with discretely documenting their actions and reporting this information back to you. We have manned and unmanned surveillance capabilities.



Many times there are situations that arise in the workplace that can threaten the safety of you or your employees. Masterchek has partnered with security specialists who can assist you with developing a plan of action should these situations arise. These individuals have over 30 years of security training in both the public and private sectors.  Also, they specialize in Special Operations, Weapons Training, and are certified Personal Protection Specialist who specializes in Executive Protection, Technical Security & Counter Security Measures.

Contact our office so that we can get you in touch with someone who can help you establish a plan of action.


Business Meeting

Trial Preparation and Jury Investigation

Investigators play a major role in many investigations. In cases that involve criminal, domestic, civil investigations, etc, once the case reaches trial the legal team may hire an investigator to assist in preparation. Trial preparation is the gathering and preparing of information for a court case or hearing. Effective preparation help to give a judge or jury a better understanding of the facts being presented in a lawsuit. Effective trial preparation can be essential to winning a case, so it should never be ignored.


Trial preparation includes the following:​

  • Mock Trials for Potential Verdict Results, Creation of investigation Reports, Preparing Witness Testimony, Forensic investigations

  • Scene ReconstructionsCriminal investigations, Medical Investigations, Forensic Investigations

  • Private investigations, ​Evidence Gathering, Evidence Analysis

When do I use a private investigator for trial preparation and how can they help?

Attorneys hire investigators to help uncover much-needed evidence or dispute information that may not be factual. There are a variety of actions an investigator can take based on the needs of the case:


Locate witnesses: If you need an expert in a certain field, if your potential witness has moved, or if you simply don’t know someone who was at the scene, an investigator can find and contact the people essential to the success of your case.


Background checks: Whether it’s a witness or someone else directly involved in the case, an investigator can look into their background, including employment, criminal history, and medical records.


Develop additional witnesses: You may have a witness already in place, but investigators can look into these witnesses and potentially discover additional witnesses that may add to the case.

Asset investigation: Investigators, along with a person’s background, can locate a property that a person owns or has owned in the past, whether a home, vehicle, boat, or land.

Financial investigation: An investigator can also look into a person's finances and uncover investments, flagrant spending, and anything else involving the movement of money.

Surveillance: Capturing photographs, video, or audio of relevant details is something an investigator can do legally and efficiently.

Computer investigation: Even if it’s been deleted, investigators can pull up emails, files, and other browser histories in order to uncover relevant information.

Share their findings: After investigating, private investigators can gather everything they’ve found into a report or, if necessary, testify on your behalf in court.


Contact us today to set up a meeting to discuss how we can assist you in finding a resolution to your issue.

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