Now Available for Contact Tracing

and Social Distancing Surveillance


Let us assist with your criminal, auto, and death investigations in locating evidence to determine whether an actual crime has taken place. We can assist with searches, interviews, evidence collection as well as DRONE observation.


There is nothing more unsettling than not knowing about a potential witness that the other side is calling or a juror that is on your panel. We can assist with finding out if the person is biased in anyway.

Contact us regarding your DOT screening exams. We are able to conduct these exams in our office or at your facility it needed. Go to the home page and schedule your appointment.


Whether it is for a personal matter or employment. We can assist with looking up criminal, civil, commercial or financial records.


With the popularity of social media sites, it has been become necessary to see what your current employees, new hires and loved ones are doing on the various social media outlets. Planning, Preparation and Execution are the steps to success. Allow Masterchek to provide you a "snapshot" of your employee or claimant to better determine your plan of action. Our reports provide everything from social media presence to criminal history to possible employment


Many times we need to know what individuals are doing without them observing our actions. Let us assist with discretely documenting their actions and reporting this information back to you. We have manned and unmanned surveillance capabilities


Our team of full-time desktop researchers are trained and proficient in performing various types of canvasses to include hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to uncover information pertaining to previous claims or preexisting injuries.  Additionally, we perform canvasses revealing information on a claimant’s lifestyle to include gym / health clubs, sports leagues, and other social clubs. 


A tool designed to ensure that claimants and / or widows are receiving benefits, as well as noting any changes in medical condition. Our field investigators are professional and courteous and represent our clients with an emphasis on integrity. 


In advance of surveillance, an Activity Check can uncover information pertaining to a claimant’s known physical activities at distinct periods of time, determining when surveillance will be most successful.



Our team of full-time researchers are trained and proficient in examining digital footprints with cutting edge technology. Masterchek Inc can provide a cloud-based threat hunting and incident response platform that leverages live memory analysis and forensic triage methods to independently inspect and analyze hosts (workstations and servers, both physical and virtual).

The data collected is enriched by software reputation and threat intelligence sources and enables investigative workflows to detonate suspicious threats for a deeper analysis. We provide a comprehensive picture of the state of endpoints - within minutes. This process is called Forensic State Analysis (FSA). Evidence from computer forensic investigations are usually subjected to the same guidelines and practices of other digital evidence. This evidence has been used in several high-profile cases and is becoming widely accepted as reliable within U.S. and European court systems. Studies show that businesses that face a data breach can end up losing a significant amount of revenue. Masterchek Inc can offer a real-time forensic threat detection service with on-demand incident responses. We provide a proactive approach for our clients with the ability to expose, isolate, and eliminate threats, risks, and vulnerabilities that your prevention tools can miss.


With the current COVID-19 pandemic, finding where it started and how it is spreading is an integral part of the safety and security of where you live and the country around you. While many government and health agencies are doing their best, many have reached out to investigative agencies to help in their contact tracing efforts.

What is Contact Tracing? Contact tracing is a control measure employed by health department personnel. It’s been used for decades and is a pivotal strategy to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading any further. As the COVID-19 virus spreads quickly, many communities need to train a larger workforce within the public and even private agencies to halt the continued transmission of the COVID-19.

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