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A Veteran & Minority Owned Investigative Firm. Specializing in Investigations and Cyber Security. We are DBE, MBE, SDVOSB, and SMWBE Certified. 

Bonded. Licensed. Cost-Effective. Experienced. Respected and Detail-Oriented.

We are Masterchek Inc., a respected and renowned investigative firm with a corporate office based in Nashville, TN. We are a certified trainer for the States of Tennessee and Kentucky. We have a branch office in Memphis, TN, and satellite offices in Atlanta GA, Birmingham AL, Bethesda MD, Orlando FL, and San Diego CA. With over 25 years of investigative experience, our licensed and professional investigators are here to help. Our team boasts decades of combined military, law enforcement, investigative, and security experience. Bottom line, we’re well-equipped to manage all types of cases that come our way, but we specialize in Worker's Compensation, Liability, and FMLA insurance. We also have a team of trained investigators to assist with undercover investigations in the workplace. Contact our office to schedule an in-person or virtual meeting to discuss your investigative needs.

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Background Checks, Cybersecurity, Drones, Drug Screening, Investigations, Medical Canvasses, Social Media and Surveillance...We are your one-stop-shop to service your investigative needs.

We Can Do It All

With our investigative resources, we’ve gained the reputation of being one of the best for any investigation job. From surveillance, cyber security, undercover investigations, or background checks, we provide a whole array of services designed to help you find the answers you seek. As a responsible firm, we provide timely and accurate results for all our clients. A combination of skilled experts and the latest technology is the reason Masterchek Inc. is able to guarantee the best possible outcome for each case it takes on.

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Activity Checks

Alive and Well, Widow Checks, Etc.

In advance of surveillance, an activity check can uncover information pertaining to a subject's known physical activities at distinct periods of time, determining when surveillance will be most successful. Divorce and Widow Checks are designed to ensure that subjects and/or widows are receiving benefits, as well as noting any changes in medical condition. Our field investigators are professional and courteous and represent our clients with an emphasis on integrity. 

Background Checks

New Hire Employees, Subject Investigation, Etc.

Whether it is for a personal matter, new hire employee or a subject investigation. We can assist with looking up criminal, civil, commercial, or financial records.

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Cyber Security and IT Consulting

IT Consulting, Network Monitoring, Tech Support

Our team of full-time researchers is trained and proficient in examining digital footprints with cutting edge technology. Masterchek Inc can provide a cloud-based threat hunting and incident response platform that leverages live memory analysis and forensic triage methods to independently inspect and analyze hosts (workstations and servers, both physical and virtual). The data collected is enriched by software reputation and threat intelligence sources and enables investigative workflows to detonate suspicious threats for a deeper analysis. We provide a comprehensive picture of the state of endpoints - within minutes.

Evidence from computer forensic investigations is usually subjected to the same guidelines and practices as other digital evidence. This evidence has been used in several high-profile cases and is becoming widely accepted as reliable within U.S. and European court systems. Studies show that businesses that face a data breach can end up losing a significant amount of revenue. Masterchek Inc can offer a real-time forensic threat detection service with on-demand incident responses. We provide a proactive approach for our clients with the ability to expose, isolate and eliminate threats, risks, and vulnerabilities that your prevention tools can miss.

Drug Screening

Drug Panel and DNA Testing

Contact us regarding your DOT screening exams. We are able to conduct these exams in our office, at your facility, or provide you a location within driving distance of the subject's home. Just provide us with the person's name, address, date of birth and we can email you a code to use at our local drug screening location and bill you.

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Medical Record Analysis

Medical and Pharmacy Canvasses

Prior Medical and Pharmacy History

Our team of full-time desktop researchers is trained and proficient in performing various types of canvasses to include hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to uncover information pertaining to previous claims or preexisting injuries. Additionally, we perform canvasses revealing information on a claimant’s lifestyle to include gym/health clubs, sports leagues, and other social clubs.

Social Media Searches and Monitoring

Searching the "Net" for Media Presence

With the popularity of social media sites, it has been become necessary to see what your current employees, new hires, and loved ones are doing on the various social media outlets. Planning, preparation, and execution are the steps to success. Allow Masterchek to provide you a "snapshot" of your employee or claimant to better determine your plan of action. Our reports provide everything from social media presence to criminal history to possible employment.

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Surveillance/Unmanned Surveillance and Undercover Investigations

Worker's Compensation, Liabilty, FMLA and Undercover Investigations

Many times we need to know what individuals are doing without them observing our actions. Let us assist with discretely documenting their actions and reporting this information back to you. We have manned and unmanned surveillance capabilities.

In addition, with other investigations such as criminal, auto, and death, we can assist in locating evidence to determine whether an actual crime has taken place, through internet searches, interviews, evidence collection, or DRONE observation.

Contact our team for assistance with your investigative needs.

Trial Preparation and Jury Investigations

Improving your chances at Trial

There is nothing more unsettling than not knowing about a potential witness that the other side is calling or a juror that is on your panel. We can assist with finding out if the person is biased in any way. Investigators play a major role in many investigations. In cases that involve criminal, domestic, civil investigations, etc, once the case reaches trial the legal team may hire an investigator to assist in preparation. Trial preparation is the gathering and preparing of information for a court case or hearing. Effective preparation help to give a judge or jury a better understanding of the facts being presented in a lawsuit. Effective trial preparation can be essential to winning a case, so it should never be ignored.

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Contact us today for assistance with your investigative needs.

About Us 

Exceeding Expectations. Results Driven.

Masterchek Inc. is an MBE, DBE, SDVOSB-certified second-generation family/veteran-owned investigative firm, with the desire for our customers to feel they are part of the company‘s vision. In the 1970s, our founder, Vincent Garrett started the company in New York City, N.Y. determined to provide top-of-the-line service at an affordable price. In 2000, his son, Vincent Demps, our current owner took over the helm and has been committed to continuing in the same original direction. During his college years, he was called to active duty to serve in Operation Desert Storm in 1990-91 and spent several months assisting with running a P.O.W. camp in Saudi Arabia. After serving during this wartime conflict, Vincent returned to continue his education at Fisk University where he majored in Pre-Law and Business Management. After college, Vincent spent many years at Bass Berry Sims PLC, a 300-lawyer firm that represents numerous publicly traded companies and Fortune 500 companies working alongside one of Nashville's most well-known senior partners and a team of lawyers. At Bass, Berry, and Sims PLC, Vincent assisted with the complex litigation and investigation in many high-profile cases which were argued on some of the nation’s highest courts. He recently added college degrees in Cybersecurity and Homeland Security, which adds to the diversity of our firm. He is also one of only five certified private investigator trainers in the State of Tennessee. It is his diverse military, legal, and network security background that has allowed us to expand our services to meet the changing demands in the industry. At Masterchek we value each and every customer as they are not only the foundation that keeps our business going but also the reason we entered into the investigative field with the hope of giving them a service they can trust. 

Masterchek was recognized in 2018 by the Nashville Business Journal as one of the “Top 25 Fastest-Growing Veteran-Owned Businesses”. Masterchek is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and Minority Business Enterprise. 

Masterchek Inc. is known for employing some of the most experienced and educated investigators in the area, after years of experience working both small and large-scale cases, our world-class investigators understand what it takes to get the results you need. We consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards in order to ensure our work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate.

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Set up your in person or virtual meeting. Call or Email us today.

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Employment Positions


Investigative Surveillance Partners (All 50 States)**                            (Internships available in TN and FL)

Computer Forensics Investigators

Computer Science Majors interested in Cyber Security

               (** Internships available**)

·    Drone Pilots


Qualified candidates must:

  • Submit to a full background check 

  • Have a valid state-issued driver's license 

  • Have a strong working knowledge of computers

  •  Have the ability to travel

  • A current PI license in any state is required.

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MED Scholarship Fund and Masterchek Inc Partner to Sponsor the Inaugural Mary E Demps Golf Classic at Links of Galloway in Memphis, TN.

April 2022

On Saturday, April 29, 2022, Masterchek was pleased to sponsor as well as participate in a corporate match with the MED Scholarship Fund. The event that was held at the Links of Galloway in Memphis, Tennessee was an effort to raise funds for minority students attending HBCU. We continue to look for more ways to give back to the communities in which we work.

MED Scholarship Fund and Masterchek Inc Partner to Sponsor a 7X7 Football Team in The Nashville Gridiron League

March 2022

We are pleased to announce that we were able to team up with the Mary E Demps Scholarship Fund to sponsor a 7X7 Football team in the Nashville Gridiron League. We are happy we could assist in helping to impact the lives of our youth.

MED Scholarship Fund and Masterchek Inc Partner to Donate to Maplewood High School Baseball Team

January 2022

We are pleased to announce that we were able to provide a small donation to the Maplewood High School Baseball Team. Masterchek Inc assisted in a corporate match donation with the Mary E Demps Scholarship Fund. We look forward to building more relationships with other local vendors who are willing to match our contributions and help to impact the lives of our youth. 

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Watch the SBDC Video on Small Business : Big Threat-Cybersecurity

January 2022

Cyber attacks on small businesses are on the rise, however, studies show that many business owners still are not prepared to deal with potential breaches. Watch this video to learn more about the increased risk to small businesses.

What is the "Good Day Rule" in Surveillance and How to Avoid it?

January 2022

If you do surveillance on a workers compensation investigation you need to understand the Best Day Rule and how it affects your stake-out or mobile surveillance.

Watch SHRM 6 Tips for Using Criminal Records in Hiring Decisions

January 2022

It is important that you conduct a full criminal and background check on your new hire applicants, but when you find information what is the next step?

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Contact Us

At Masterchek Inc., our clients are a priority. Contact our office today to find out how we can help you with your next investigation. We have additional offices located in AL, FL, GA, MD, CA, and Memphis, TN.

3200 West End Avenue

Suite 500, Nashville, TN 37203

Offices located in AL, FL, GA, MD, CA, Nashville, and Memphis, TN.



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