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Masterchek Private Investigator's Course is led by a Certified Private Investigator Trainer licensed by the Tennessee Private Investigator Commission. Our team has over 40 years of investigative experience with 20 state licenses. This course teaches the key components of the private investigator's position in Tennessee.

16 Hours (including examination and practical exercises)

• Orientation 1. State Laws 2. Standards of Professional Conduct 3. Ethics

• General Investigative Skills - One practical exercise 1. Tools and Techniques 2. Surveillance 3. Research 4. Interviewing

• Documentation 1. Report Preparations 2. Photography 3. Audio Recording 4. General Communication 5. Courtroom Testimony

• Types of investigations 1. Accident 2. Insurance 3. Background 4. Domestic 5. Undercover 6. Missing Persons 8. Criminal

• Written comprehensive examination

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