Let us assist with your criminal, auto, and death investigations in locating evidence to determine whether an actual crime has taken place. We can assist with searches, interviews, evidence collection as well as DRONE observation.


In addition to onsite investigations, Masterchek is able to assist your company with undercover investigations. Periodically situations arise where a company may need an investigator to work undercover for an extended period of time as an employee to uncover possible illegal activities that are being performed unknowingly within your organizations. let us get you a set of eyes within the company to investigative these possible rumored occurrences or activities. 


There is nothing more unsettling than not knowing about a potential witness that the other side is calling or a juror that is on your panel. We can assist with finding out if the person is biased in any way.


Many times we need to know what individuals are doing without them observing our actions. Let us assist with discretely documenting their actions and reporting this information back to you. We have manned and unmanned surveillance capabilities.


Many times there are situations that arise in the workplace that can threaten the safety of you or your employees. Masterchek has partnered with security specialists who can assist you with developing a plan of action should these situations arise. These individuals have over 30 years of security training in both the public and private sectors.  Also, they specialize in Special Operations, Weapons Training, and are certified Personal Protection Specialist who specializes in Executive Protection, Technical Security & Counter Security Measures.

Contact our office so that we can get you in touch with someone who can help you establish a plan of action.