In 2020, Masterchek established the 501C Mary E Demps Educational Scholarship Fund to reward college students with scholarships to assist with their books and other expenses as they pursue their education. Ms. Demps very passionate about education during her 30 plus years as an educator in the New York City school system and we are pleased to be able to continue to touch lives just as she did her entire adult life.



Eligible students must have a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA and be a student-athlete or major in Business, Political Science or a Science.


Masterchek's internship program provides college students with an opportunity to get first-hand work experience in the fields of Criminal Justice and Cybersecurity, allow them to work shoulder to shoulder with other entrepreneurs and companies who have walked the same path to success. 

Consider Donating to the Future of a Young Child. Your financial contribution will help us to continue to change lives. 


We, thank you, for your generosity.

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