Cyber Defense and Cyber Security have become personal and business issues rather than simply a technology concern. Our daily news cycles are dominated by major headlines regarding Cyber Security. Understanding the difference between Cyber Security and Cyber Defense is to recognize that Cyber Defense requires a shift from network security to mission assurance where Cyber Defense us fully integrated to create a state of resilience that supports the continuation of an organization's critical business processes. Cyber Defense focuses on sending, detecting, orienting and engaging threats in order to assure successful risk management practices. This shift from security to defense requires a strong emphasis on intelligence, surveillance reconnaissance, communication and planning.

         Watch the Florida SDBC Video on its threat to Small Business :

Cyber Security: Small Business, Big Threat

"If you have not already established a good cyber security company to monitor activity, there is a good likelihood you are going to be breached. The best defense is a good offense. Start thinking about cyber security as early as possible"